Federation Education is an event portal created by the GP Federation Support Unit to allow staff to easily access the education they need.

Practice Based Learning

What is Practice Based Learning (PBL)

Practice based learning aims to deliver high quality educational programmes for federation members, up-skilling the full multidisciplinary practice team in a conducive and constructive environment. Integrating learning and practice in this way will be facilitating direct improvements in patient care.

Practice based learning events will be designed to facilitate better care for patients by providing usable, practical information to practicing GPs and team members. A direct consequence of this integrated approach will be the creation of a forum, within each federation, for exchange of ideas and for sharing best practice.

Federation Education Aims

  • To support Continuing Professional Development by producing a high quality educational programme for federation members, and relevant others, that facilitates the ongoing personal development of GPs, and other primary care workers
  • To support health care professionals fulfilling the requirements of appraisal and (where relevant) revalidation.
  • To involve the practice team and promote implementation of any learning by delivery of the programme within protected practice time, in an environment where the practice team can get access to high quality education relevant to their role. 
  • To facilitate networking by serving as a forum to allow sharing of examples of good practice. 
  • To facilitate dissemination of local guidelines, clinical pathways or other federation projects. 

Upcoming Events

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The Expert Patient (SW)

February 25, 2021

One of our Sub Deanery pilot areas, the South West, invite you to join in to an interactive Expert Patient session where you will hear from a patient who has endured a Long Term Condition ( Early Onset Dementia) and learn about the care they have received along the way.  


The Wider MDT in the Community Part 2 (North Belfast)

May 10, 2021

The Subdeanery invites you to join an interactive session to increase awareness of the Wider MDT in the Community within North Belfast -  facilitated by Clinical Lead Dr Davina Carr.  


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